eee tee

eee tee

standstill in motion

small steps 

small reach 

generously sharing creativity

not a brand

not a business idea 

intuitive processing individually by hand

performative morphing

guest artists = partner


platform autonomy

flying dealer mentality

direct selling, directism

positivity ♪

good vibes while wearing

pricing policy: not an artwork

anti rasicm, sexism, patriarchy, classicism, homophobia & transphobia

Eee Tee guests (in order of appearance): Ekaterina BurlygaDirk BellSteve Paul Steven PaulColgraphique, Laura Catania & Hans KrestelSeriennummerSpilios GianakopoulosLeon Eisermann and Weeeirdos

Eee Tee is a performance project by Eric Winkler. Within t-shirts and other apparel are designed by hand and offered for weekly sale at various street corners, laundrettes, car sales aka ‚Hoodielivery‘, or at art institutions like the KW Institute of Contemporary Art. 

Made in Berlin. 

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